Test 2019 Jinbo Valve Group Staff Meeting, Thank You!

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May Staff Conference Ends Successfully Let us review below!

Test 2019 Jinbo Valve Group Staff Meeting, Thank You!

May Staff Conference Ends Successfully

Let us review below!

Everyone was sitting upright on the small bench.

The meeting began!

Summing up the gains and losses in the first half of the year

I wish you all better results in the second half of 2019!


The conference was presided over by our manager Liu Yang Liu

First of all, assistant chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Tang, made a speech. 

Tang Zong on the company's strategic objectives, welfare policies, occupational safety and work environment, talent development channels,

Advantages and competitiveness have been explained in detail. Pointed out the company's vision to build the valve HVAC world industry pattern.

The company has nearly 600 affiliates across the country, with huge product demand and market share.

Diversified industrial chain development, so that the rapid development of Jinbo, a brilliant prospect!!


followed by sales manager wang

Manager Wang said that we have established Jinbo Valve Group Co., Ltd. in 2019,

Cast iron valves, cast steel valves, water meters and other companies have also been established, products have been sold, follow-up pipeline companies, pipe fittings companies and other related companies will also be established.

The company's multi-channel development of the group for the late listing to do a series of preparations. "Don't do small things for good, don't do small things for evil", promise is not simple is a slogan,

It is a symbol of our brand strength. For the quality problems fed back by customers, we must strictly control them to the best.

Everyone's speaking ability is first-class, high-spirited, passionate and inspiring!

"Gathering the wisdom of the world and forging the future of Jinbo", all the encounters today are the summary of yesterday's encounters. Technological innovation leads the market,

Development with one heart and one mind. We will cultivate and train technical personnel ladder, standardize the curing technology management process, seize the market opportunity, every second counts.

There is no end to technology. May we march forward on the big platform of Jinbo.

Solution Bracelet game

Then Zhou Zong commended advanced workers and presented awards.

At the moment of commendation for outstanding employees, the prizes are practical daily necessities carefully selected by leaders.

Come on, you guys are the best!


Finally, Chairman Changmao, everyone of Jinbo

Mao Dong said frankly that as the leader of the company, the responsibility and pressure cannot be ignored, but it is because of this that the company must be better and stronger. When it comes to excitement, tears fill his eyes.


At the end of the conference, all the Jinbo people sang "Love each other's family" hand in hand. Only when they are predestined friends can they get together and cherish them,

I hope our hearts are in the same direction and our dreams are in the same direction. We will roll up our sleeves and work hard for a better future!

It's time for dinner ~

After the family has eaten and drunk enough, it is our happy gathering time-hi song. Everyone enthusiastically participated, and only after the song began to discover,

A mountain is higher than a mountain. The superior in the folk said that you are right