About Us

Start-up period
From 1995 to 2003, formerly known as Yuhuan Huaxing Valve Factory, independently developed a series of copper valve products and began to produce "Mao" brand copper valves.
Initial stage
From 2004 to 2012, the development focused on the improvement of product quality and brand building, and put forward the business philosophy of "Golden Quality, World"; the company changed its name to "Jinbo Copper Valve Co., Ltd.", focusing on building the domestic brand market.
growth period
2013-2018-Growth period, the company's output value exceeded 0.45 billion, the creation of another valve brand "Mingdun", sales outlets covering all other provinces and cities in the country except Tibet and Xinjiang.
development period
During the 2019-2020-development period, a group company was established, and the strategy was adjusted. Based on copper valves, the product series was diversified, and the "copper valves, HVAC, industrial valves, handicrafts, and engineering projects" were successively established. The division, and the management is all oriented to the transformation and upgrading of intelligence, information and data.
transition period
2021-During the transition period, Jinbo Valve Group has stable profits, optimized costs and continuously improved benefits, seized more market share and strengthened corporate management mechanisms, operated efficiently, and invested in research and development of new products to maintain a competitive advantage.
So far
2022-so far, the current Jinbo Valve Group each year a highly stable market share growth. In the major valve brand competitive advantage is obvious, we have a strong workforce and reliable supply chain foundation, enhance brand building, increase new product research and development, to provide customers with better service, better consolidate the market position and competitiveness, improve market visibility.


May 2019: A staff meeting will be held in the company with the theme: Thank you


March 2019: ISO9001 held in the company: 2015 Quality Management System Implementation Launch Conference


June 2018: The company held the 2018 Jinbo-Mingdun Joint Business Congress in Hangzhou, with the participation of company managers.


March 2018: The company held its annual opening meeting with the participation of all employees.


July 2017: A semi-annual summary meeting was held in the company with the participation of all employees.


2017 water meter, iron valve listed


At the end of March 2016: the first phase of military training and expansion training will be held in the company playground.


Mid-Autumn Festival 2015: The company plans to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, with all employees participating.


January 2014: The company organized an annual meeting in Qinggang International Hotel. All employees wore Jinbo overalls to attend the meeting.


2011 Mingdun brand established


2007 Star brand HVAC system fully listed


2005 "Ningbo Jinbo" sub-brand, high-end domestic valve brand launched


In 2003, "Ningbo Jinbo" Yuhuan production base was established-Yuhuan Jinbo Copper Co., Ltd., with the export market as the core business development direction.


In 2002, it was officially renamed as Ningbo Jinbo Copper Valve Co., Ltd., and established the "Jinbo" brand of high-end domestic valve brand.


Founded in 1995, the predecessor of Jinbo Group-Jinbo Copper Valve Factory, Haishu District, Ningbo City